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Profile Koshinaka Makoto




Birthday    7/15/1980

Height       172 cm

Weight      49 kg(May 04)

                  53 kg (June 04)

Waist        63 cm

Footsize   26

Body Fat Percentage  9%   (Until May 04)

                                      17 % (June 04)

Birth Place Moto Azabu, Tokyo Japan

Blood Type o

Horoscope Cancer

Special Talent   Neko Punch(o^0^)0 (Until May 04)

                            Bae, Joon’s smile (June 04)


 What  does  Makoto Like to do?

Goff,Watching DVD,Movie & Live,Sending Kietai  Mail Without reason,

Photography,music,acting,Zazen(-v-), Giving strange ideas,

Meeting old friends,smoking,To try his best to make people laugh,

Waving a kiss a Girls,Keeping his big smile on face all the times,

Drinking in Bar & Club at night,Walking in the park...



Wheatgrass Juice, Soy Milk,Red Wine+Cola, Beer,Cola, Miso soup Yomeishu













Caspian Sea Yogurt, Chinese cabbage,Ramen,OrangeHealth food,ride






Marlboro in Light,Light Menthol Makoto is a heavy smoker. D(>_<)


Special Idols/Artists

David Bowie,Fumiya Fuiji,Robert,Mulit Max’Buck-Tick BOOWY,Radiohead


His Hero

His Father & schindller



Yellow & Blue


Music & songs

Rock Pops


Important Items

Bracelet,Sun glasses,Lighter’Tobacco,Wallet,Necklace,Wisdow tooth Guitar and mini recoder



Dream,Family,Private time,Love


Happy Thing in 2003

Solo debut start


Unhappy Thing in 2003

Makoto was refused by the Taxi driver\(ToT)













History / Background


Makoto born in Moto Azubu in Tokyo.

Makoto come from a poor family.

Makoto studied in Chiba. When hewas in primary 4

And back to Tokyo when he was in secondary 2.

And studied in high school in Itabashi.

Makoto was a bad buy when he was in teenage.

And he has been sent to “Kanbetsusyo” before.

Makoto studied in a bad high school.

All of his friends are so bad.

He did many things bad a back to home late.

His mother waited and cried every day.

His parent was sad.

Makoto did not have friends.He felt lonely.

Even if the weather is great,

Makoto will also feeling bad from his heart.

One day,His father was so angry cause to

The bad behaviorof Makoto

His father beat him by using

The umbrella in the bathtub.

Both of them was hurt at that time.

Makoto changed a lot because

The love of parent.


Makoto start his new life.

He is hard working.

He was a model and DJ.

He performed in CM,musical,drama.

Makoto was a vocalist in Lucifer in 1999.

It was a great rock band.

Makoto made many creative songs

Wirh the member.

Lucifer has already spfit up in Jan 2003.















Makoto is solo debut in Sep 2003.

He changed his style on music.

Makoto want to be

A comedian and talent artist.

Not just focus on music.

Now,Makoto has many friends and funs.

Makoto will not be alone because

He get Love and power from them.

Makoto becomes famous in Japan.

His fans is full of the world like


[In Asia]

Hong Kong,Korea,Thailand,Singapore,Taiwan,China

[In Europe]








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