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In case of foreign milk antitrust baptism domestic milk can usher in spring NetEase Hebei Development and Reform Commission, said the news has acquired part of the 'foreign milk powder' Corporate illegal evidence, which means that the country's popular foreign milk powder will accept the 'anti-monopoly law,' the 'baptism.' However, harm the interests of consumers and easy regulation of market behavior, 'monopoly' of consumer Nike Site Officiel Nike Free Run Run 3 Homme confidence how to break? all foreign milk powder will accept antitrust 'baptism' Nelson 'annual Designer Burberry Outlet Chinese infant formula market report' shows that in China's sales of infant formula billion, of which, Mead Johnson, Dumex, Wyeth and Abbott milk powder brands together four oceans occupy nearly half of Chinese infant formula market. Recently, these foreign giants or milk will face 'anti-monopoly law,' the baptism according to the NDRC date information disclosure, the current 'foreign milk powder' in the country, there are three major violations: First, in order to maintain market expensive for non-compliance with the provisions of the sales price of milk dealers, the second is the direct fines for non-compliance with the provisions of the sales price of distributors and retailers deduct rebates, stopped supplying three is to inform other Nike Air Max 2009 Homme penalties employees control their prices in violation of 'antitrust law', to be careful not to communicate in writing, to avoid leaving evidence text. 'Belongs to break the law, knowingly,' according to antitrust law experts, if it is in Louis Vuitton violation of antitrust authorities confirmed that 'anti-monopoly law,' Nike Free Run 3.0 Femme the law firm Charms et clés de may face heavy fines. Fines of up to these enterprises with annual sales of dairy expert Wang Ding cotton that some of the NDRC in a higher market share in China of foreign milk powder enterprises antitrust investigation, and remediation of domestic milk industry initiatives had echoes MIIT . The price of foreign milk powder monopoly investigation, in fact, the pace of warning means thicker prices should also stop for a while Development and Reform Commission experts believe that this practice Burberry Shoes of companies involved in milk to eliminate or restrict price competition in milk prices, driving up the price of milk; weaken competition between brands, and seriously damaged the interests of consumers, undermining the fairness orderly market competition order in a number of reporters to track foreign brands of milk, there are many prices from time to time in recent years, at each price increase to the average. There are three main reasons for the price: one tariff increase, the second is the rising costs, the third is the replacement formula. However, fundamental research, or that from its inception in the melamine incident, foreign milk powder in the country with 'monopoly' consumer confidence, prices become very popular, and even cultivate a 'psychological comparisons' From date, Portefeuilles Femmes our special formula infant milk powder imports rates from falls, compared with a drop of MFN rates. Tariff increases on scotched Shanghai Dairy Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Cao was introduced in the Burberry Shoulder Bags second half of the purchase price of raw milk in Shanghai reached RMB yuan kg, domestic raw milk cost really high.

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