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Obama's New Deal unconstitutional immigration controversy US President Barack Obama announced last November 20 Immigrant Responsibility Executive Order Air Jordan Fusion 9 (Immigration Accountability Executive Actions), both administrative order, declares the United States immigration policy reform. This executive order was announced widely discussed in the US, but also by strong opposition from Republicans. Obama promulgation Nike Free Nike Free GYM 5.0 of the decree is beyond the constitutional powers of the president, whether unconstitutional controversy continued. Recently, a seminar on a Washington think tank, the Air Jordan 6 two factions of experts on this issue was discussed at the workshop a Washington think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI) of January 12, 'The New York Times' columnist Road Nike Free Run 5.0 Nike Free Run 5.0 V2 V2 Dorset (Ross Douthat) think Nike Free 2012 Obama move inconsistent with the Constitution. He said that although the United States had also the president's handling of immigration issues by way of administrative orders, but did not implement the edict on such a large scale illegal immigration. Former president had promulgated by executive order, will be issued a work Nike Free 5.0 V3 permit has clearly defined the appropriate immigrant population, and in case they face barriers conclusive return, such as war, persecution and natural disasters, he said: 'There is no executive order can Obama's edict and the scale compared with the public and in Congress there is the case of strong objections. ' Dorset stressed executive order in a Air Jordan 6 sense, to the Congress and the general public disagree, the President can carry out the public's wishes. But in the mid-term elections last year, Obama represents the party lost the polls are unfavorable for Obama, it is difficult to say that the wishes of the public on immigration reform is consistent with Obama, however, the Brookings Institution (Brookings Institute) Senior Research Fellow, United States former President Bill Clinton policy adviser Galston (William A. Galston) believes that immigration is part of the territorial sovereignty, and therefore belong to the scope of foreign affairs. Foreign affairs is not just in the Congress of the patent, is also the president mandate. He believes the president on immigration issues through administrative means Congress is not against unconstitutional Galston also mentioned that the United States Constitution was designed from the beginning to let Congress and the president contain each other, so if one party can not perform their duties efficiently, and the other Cheng Xu will fill the power gap. He said that if Congress did not want to see the President of the party so active, it is necessary to stop the two parties fighting each other causes the transaction can not move forward in the Nike Shoes situation, things should be more effective after Obama announced an executive order last year, the US Congress Republican House Speaker John Boehner ( John Boehner

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