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Obama with a woman behind him six According to the 'New York Times' reported on March 14, Obama lived in Air Max 87 Indonesia as a child with her mother. To Obama's development, his mother would call him 4:00 to get up in front of his school let him learn English correspondence course. When the small blame Obama get up so early to study, his mother said: 'This for me is Nike Free Run+ 2 not an easy thing, little guy.' she admonished his young son to understand honesty, frankness and the importance of independent judgment. She also Air Jordan Fusion 4 Martin Luther King's speech tapes back she is so strict that Obama think he is a little experiment. To the Air Jordan 18 high school, Obama was somewhat rebellious, deliberately let the mother thought she was after his Nike Shoes 'experiment' has failed grown up, he finally realized what his mother so that he received a good education, full of confidence. Obama's mother's friend said that if not for her, Obama would not today. Obama's mother was born in World War II, his father was a furniture dealer. Her father wanted a son, so she played as a boy name: Stanley 1960, she and her parents came to Hawaii. Russian Church in a class at the University of Hawaii, University of Hawaii, she Nike ZVEZDOCHKA met the first African student - Barack Obama. Soon, the two were married, when Obama's mother just 18 years old. August 1961, the two had a son, which Nike Flex Experience RN is Senator Obama today at the time of the United States, interracial marriage is still very rare, Obama mother's parents have also relatively uneasy, but still received their marriage . Later, Obama's father left his wife and children and went to Harvard University studies, marriage and it Air Max 87 has ended. Later, Obama's mother married an Indonesian and in 1966 he moved with Obama 雅加达奥巴 horse mother with high school friends said, Obama mother brilliance, smart, studious, open-minded, there is a concept of cosmopolitanism, and that Discrimination against foreigners racist misfits Nike Free Powerlines However, her second marriage also ended the 1970s. She want to Air Jordan 15 work, and her husband want more children. Once she had said her husband has become more American, but she is more like her friend Nayar Javanese in Indonesia, said: 'She always felt marriage as an institution is not important to her, it is important He is deeply in love. ' later, Obama's mother became an anthropologist obsessed culture in Java, Indonesia, and the locals have forged profound friendship. Unfortunately, she later suffered from ovarian cancer, spent the last years of her life in Hawaii, when her father had died. Obama recalled his own visit his mother at the hospital bedside of the scene, she did not want to die, but she encouraged him to go ahead 1995 in November in Obama's first run for public office, she left this world. After the farewell ceremony was held at the University of Hawaii, Obama will mother's ashes sprinkling the choppy Pacific, sprinkling the direction of Indonesia.

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