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Obama effect highlights 'Obama is coming!' Galaxy Securities (market share it) analyst Meng Beijing Foreign analysts pointed out Jordan Pro Strong that the new energy concept for the medium and long term market is very attractive. by 'Obama whirlwind' effect, reproducing the new energy sector yesterday to close at power --- Gan to share limit, to Air Max 90 Running Shoes close at 10.51 yuan; BBCA Biochemical followed by climate, or 9.96 percent, to close at 8.83 yuan; MACRO also rose Nike Free Run+ 2 5.54 percent, to close at 10.28 yuan. Shenergy, Nike Free GYM Beijing Thermal Power, Huadian 29 new international and other energy stocks are 'flushed.' Clearly, Obama has not reached before the stock market in China has begun to rally Air Jordan 6 --- a series of bilateral agreements between Nike Shoes the two countries may in clean energy reached could benefit sector stocks, so, we have a gorgeous 'Obama concept shares '--- involve saving battery, nuclear, wind, solar, renewable energy, environmental protection, low-carbon economy and a series of concepts. 'very strong linkage between these stocks, varieties, good market mass base, once started having some continuity, but also to create a strong effect of making money, improve market sentiment. In addition, there is the concept of the Copenhagen conference new energy industry planning, low-carbon economy and a series of follow-up planning themes. 'Those in the industry have expressed some confidence. Liu Hao Great Wall Securities analyst said:. 'by Obama's visit, expected impact Nike Free 3.0 V3 of the Copenhagen conference in December, a low-carbon economy may become a recent hot spot' complementary long-term development of new energy experts said the short-term low-carbon economy by stimulating Obama effect, there overall good performance, but in the long run, China's macroeconomic policy adjustment is imperative, the future policy orientation of structural adjustment, including new energy , energy saving and environmental protection, new materials, energy saving lighting and other related Air Jordan 3 industries Air Jordan 15 will be subject Nike Free Run+ 3 to include policy and taxation, credit and other support --- Research Department of Industrial Economy under the State Council Development Research Center, Feng Fei authoritative energy experts in an interview with reporters that the United States and China's new energy cooperation is very strong complementarity, the choice of electric vehicles, energy efficiency in buildings, the three major aspects of the coal can be described both partners can best play a role in several major areas. For companies worried that China's new energy market liberalization, domestic enterprises have a share of the phenomenon is difficult, Feng believes that as long as doing work on the system specifications and technical elements plus manufacturing portfolio, do not worry too much about this issue, after all, China's huge manufacturing advantages are irreplaceable. Newspaper reporter Li Xiaoli.

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