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Listed companies to fulfill their social responsibility in action 68 fuel cell cars, 100 fuel cell sightseeing car, bus service provided in the park and a VIP reception, to achieve zero emissions; the rest, including 150 hybrid buses and 350 hybrid cars, including low-emission vehicles in service around the Expo area for visitors environmental protection and convenience to experience new energy vehicles. Chinese Nike Air Max TN Femme and foreign tourists tour the Expo, feel States high-tech, cultural characteristics, but also feel good green low-carbon travel brings enjoyment 184 days during the Expo, the company's new energy vehicles (excluding taxis) Accumulated transported nearly 20,000 visitors million people, more than 12 million kilometers mileage, undertaken within the park more than Nike Free Run LunarGlide Homme 75% of traffic, withstood the large passenger flow, continuous high temperatures and strong convective weather a severe test, the vehicle intact rate of 99%. At the same time, the use of new energy vehicles as Louis Vuitton transportation inside and outside the park, a total saving of fuel during the World Expo 2811 tons, Nike Free Run 3.0 Homme 8854 tons of carbon dioxide emissions, reduction of harmful emissions from 285 tons, fully embodies the 'Green Expo' Bo features do get home outer circles widely praised new energy vehicles equipped with tourists, but it is the company carrying long been committed to the development of low carbon automotive vision and dreams. Today, the dream of the first test at the edge here, narrowed the distance between Shanghai Automotive and tourists from all over the world among companies with small car, to the world passed the Shanghai Automotive to the environment, the value of social responsibility in 2009, China CPIC to join the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra has a 132-year history together to create a brand campaign - 'music of the world.' Activities 'music Zhixin, sincere service' as the theme, through symphonic concert tours and Burberry Top Handles a variety of customer service activities that will love and care to the client Nike Site Officiel side, customer feedback, contribute to the Charms et clés de community. Company symphonic concert held in conjunction with the customer service seminars and other forms of activities to Pacific Insurance caring, warm the hearts of customers; let Pacific liability insurance, with the Shanghai Symphony Orchestra and music transfer in addition to concerts together to create the entire customer service activities include 'Better Life insurance' large customers lectures held in Shanghai as 'healthy living, healthy living,' the customer talks, held in Guangzhou, the 'Insurance Better Life' customer seminars and other activities. Activities to the country, the relevant branch also combine around the actual conduct of the other forms of customer service activities, such as: Nanjing Branch organized a children's painting competition, protect the interests of customers and other activities; Sichuan Burberry Trench Coats Branch launched the 'celebration Division celebrate, send blessings 'love greeting card delivery customers and other activities. In addition, the company also coordinate activities around the beautifully designed commemorative stamps issued, with high collection value and memorable music without distance. 'Music world' to popularize the knowledge of music listeners, the dissemination of 'music Zhixin, sincere service' theme, the company's care and service to the customer side, in order Designer Burberry Lunettes Hommes Outlet to repay customers, greatly enhance the company's customer service levels. Companies with practical action to interpret the 'intentions promise, with love in charge' service brand connotation, the initiative passed with symphony bear responsibility for the values of music gluttonous, linger three days; the responsibility to communicate to melt away.

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