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Russia to help Spain bribe World Cup Photos two weeks ago, Triesman and Oakley Holbrook occhiali da sole former personal secretary Melissa Jacobs met in a London restaurant, very occhiali sole oakley frankly told her a lot of the 2018 World Cup insider. In an hour-long talks, Triesman amazing Oakley Scalpel occhiali da sole words say a lot, but the whole conversation are Melissa videotaped in conversation, Triesman accused Spain and Russia to bribe referees in South Africa World Cup. When it comes to England hoping to find which countries to support the bid to host the 2018 World Cup, Triesman said: 'My concern is that Latin American countries, they are likely to vote in favor of Spain was Spain wants Russia to help bribe the World Cup. The referee, if Spain drop out, ticket Latin American countries will likely vote for Russia. ' Speaking of which, Oakley C Six occhiali da sole Melissa asked: 'Russia will help Spain bribe referees in South Africa World Cup it?' Lord Triesman:. 'Oh, I think that Russia will reach an agreement with the Spanish' Moreover, Lord Triesman also conversations that he considered Michel Platini UEFA President personal relationships will bid to Oakley Radar Gamma occhiali da sole host the 2018 World Cup, England played a significant role occhiali da sole oakley as Triesman Melissa Innovation, Universities and Skills Minister PS time. In November 2007, Lord Triesman Melissa accepted the interview, one of his three private secretary candidates, the same day received a job offer. They worked together for only three weeks, said 2015 Oakley Flak Jacket da sole Melissa, after the January 2008 Triesman leave, they often send text messages to her and ask her out to meet. Their relationship gradually becomes a lover. According to Melissa, I said, the ambiguous Oakley occhiali da sole BATWOLF relationship between occhiali da sole oakley the two is actually only lasted a few months, she said whenever I think Triesman is someone else's husband and that they feel uncomfortable: 'Think small, he and My father considered peers ah. 'Melissa offered to interrupt this relationship requirements, then the two peace' break up ', but still maintained a relationship as friends,' I do not regret doing, or hope to him friends, after all, he is a very clever, very interesting people 'in Melissa's blog, a detailed description of the process of interaction of the two, in a blog Triesman she called' MrT ', there is a blog entitled 'The Minister and I - Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac,' Triesman allegations may lead the Spanish team's anger, the Spanish team this summer, one of the favorites to win the World Cup in South Africa. In addition, these allegations would make Bilal. Rhone Chairman of Oakley occhiali da sole polarizzati the FIFA Referees Committee was embarrassed, he was designated World Cup referees and their assistants, and he is the Spanish Football Association 席特里斯曼 of these words may It would be seen as an attack on FIFA, although he did not say Bilal. Ronald Chairman of the FIFA Referees Committee no equitable distribution of the referee.

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